I have been active in three main parts of racing with The Ohio Valley Region of the SCCA so far in my life. The first started when I was young and going to the SCCA Solo events with my family and our Triumph TR-3A Race car as “crew member”. While I spent most of the early years just watching the events, I would get to play from time to time.  I would bring my six wheeled cart to the Solo events held at Powell Speedway Murphy’s Party Barn (now a housing development) in Powell, Ohio.


I also was going to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio with my family.  While my family worked different specialties at the race events, I would explore the track, the teams and the people who were there; it was the start of my addiction to motor sports and the people who are involved. When we kids were growing up, we would go up to Mid-Ohio where my father would work as a course marshal where his responsibility was to go rescue the race cars that broke down or crashed out on the track.  He would do this job at Amateur and Professional races each year.  My Mom started out taking a lot of photos while at the track and trying to keep an eye on all four of us kids.  After we (the kids), got a little bit older she would work at Driver Information helping to get results and other information out to the race officials, crews and drivers.  As time went on, my brother and sisters and I joined our parents working on one kind of a job or another at the road races.  I have worked in the Timing and Scoring area in addition to currently working at the Driver Info area at Mid-Ohio.


We would also attend many of the social events that were connected to the car clubs and we even tried a few of the road rallies just for the fun of it.  My father decided to move from the Solo program to pursue his dream of becoming an amateur road racer and when he did that, I was part of that crew helping him out at tracks around the mid-west.

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